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Persistent store interface and simple reference implementation available


in the newest cvs tree there is an interface to some
arbitrary persistence layer available (RDBMS, OODBMS or whatever).
It's very simple to hack your own layer (some lines of code)
to meet your needs, and hook it into xmlBlaster using
the $HOME/xmlBlaster.properties file.

As a reference implementation we provided a file based store
(which works on the normal filesystem).
You can use this implementation, but its not recommended
for production (say more then some hundred persitent messages) use.

Study the two files in the directory
to see how it works.

In the programming guide
you find some notes how to use/configure the persitence layer.

You need to mark persistent messages with the <isDurable/>
tag in the qos (quality of service), default is that messages
are transient (which means they are lost after a xmlBlaster restart).

The interface is very likely to change in the next releases
since support for caching etc. is still missing.



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de