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Re: Comments...

Welcome James,

James & Sue Ann Birchfield wrote:
> I have had fun playing with xmlBlaster over the last two days.
> Great job.
Thank you! It is nice to get some positive feedback.

Did you experience any problems with xmlBlaster on your
hardware, OS or JDK version?
If you had to adjust something, it would be nice to
feed this back into the cvs tree.

What are the main troubles digging into xmlBlaster,
what should we make better?

> I am currently trying to port over some code that
> currently uses ActiveWorks to run underneath of xmlB.  I like
What is ActiveWorks?

> the whole idea behind it and am thrilled to see an open-source
> MOM project.  I will keep checking in and hopefully be able
> to contribute some....

> Good job!
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