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Getting notifications of subscriptions and logins...

Got a quick question....

I know transaction support isn't available, but I am trying to register
interest in subscriptions and clients logging in.

I am implementing both SubscriptionListener and
ClientListener and implementing the methods.
I am registering interest like this:

xmlBlaster = corbaConnection.login(ME, passwd, qos);

AuthServerImpl authImpl = new AuthServerImpl(corbaConnection.getOrb());
Authenticate auth = Authenticate.getInstance(authImpl);
---end snippet---

The above doesn't seem to work.  Am I missing something?

Is there a way to also get the identity(or reference) to the author of
a published message?

Thanks for any help!

BTW, I am loving it more and more the more I play.
I was pasing serialized objects around today....sweet!!!!!

James Birchfield
Chief Technology Officer
jmbirchfield at proteus-technologies.com