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Re: Something useful(maybe)


i am impressed, this could be the RDBMS access framework we need
in xmlBlaster!

Are you willing to contribute this into



You would get cvs write access for this.
Please drop me a note.

Some comments:

- The con.login("XmlDBAdapter", "some", qos);
  code in XmlDBAdapterWorker shouldn't be done
  for every query again,
  you should use the existing connection from
  XmlDBAdapter.java to send the results.

- We would need a flag to tell XmlDBAdapter.java
  if the query results are sent directly back to the client
  (PtP style) or are published for everybody (Pub/Sub style).

- Can you provide an example of a RDBMS table, and how
  it looks like in your resulting XML message?

Thanks for your feedback

James & Sue Ann Birchfield wrote:
> In playing with xmlBlaster more and more, I put
> together something today that I thought others
> might find useful.  It is a generic xml based
> Databse adapter that plugs into xmlBlaster.
> Using xml to describe the query, including
> db url, user, and password, the adapter can
> query any type of db.  It transforms the
> resultset into an xml document as well
> with a full description block and
> passes it back to the client that requested.
> It is still rough, I have only put a couple of hours into it.
> If anyone wants to make it better, feel free.
> I am attaching it as a jar file contains 4
> source files.
> =====================================
> James Birchfield
> Chief Technology Officer
> jmbirchfield at proteus-technologies.com
> http://www.proteus-technologies.com
> =====================================
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                        Name: xmldbadapter.jar
>    xmldbadapter.jar    Type: Java Archive (application/java-archive)
>                    Encoding: base64

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de