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xmlBlaster startup and NT installinfos

I installed the xmlBlaster release 0.73 on my Windows NT Workstation. After
any problems with the installation (see later) I played a bit with the
delivered samples. 
It works perfect and I'm looking forward to use it in some further projects.

Now here only on hint to improve the logging. I made some fault in the
configuration. During startup the xmlBlaster couldn't find the
xmlBlaster.properties file. The system logged this panic error into the
listbox through the ui and than the application shutdown. I had no chance to
read the panic error.
I suggest to dump panic errors also to the shell.

Class: org.xmlBlaster.util.Log

   public static final void panic(String instance, String text)
      if((LOGLEVEL & L_PANIC) != 0)
         log((withXtermEscapeColor) ? panicE : panicX, instance, text);

         System.out.println(text);	// N E W

         // displayStatistics();

Extentions for the installation guide:

1. Extend your CLASSPATH and PATH environment variable. 
b) If you didn't follow step a), here is how to setup
    your environment manually (examples for csh or tcsh):

set JDK_HOME=D:\win32app\jdk12
set XMLBLASTER_HOME=D:\Users\Roth\prog\xmlBlaster

set JacORB_HOME=D:\DvlpApp\Orbs\JacORB1_0-beta15
set JacORB_LIB=%JacORB_HOME%/classes

set path=%path%;%JDK_HOME%\bin;%JacORB_HOME%/bin;

set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/classes;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/src/java;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/demo;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/xmlBlaster.jar;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/omquery.jar;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/xtdash.jar;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/xml.jar;%classpath%
set classpath=%XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/test.jar;%classpath%
set classpath=%JacORB_LIB%/jacorb.jar;%classpath%

have fun
Peter Roth