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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.75 (still millenium edition)


release 0.75 is out!

Changes for 0.75 [Mar.28, 2000]

   - Konrad completed the fabulous Browser callback framework!
     And it works incredible well.
     Browsers get instant callback updates from xmlBlaster messages
     through a persistent http connection.
     It supports many feature like browser pinging, slow
     browser queuing etc.
     Konrad will write a little tutorial in the next week.
     See xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/http
     See xmlBlaster/doc/http/BlasterHttpProxy.gif

   - Added little tool which allows to subscribe
     from command line for a message (for testing/debugging).
     See xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/client/reader/README

   - Added to internal messages with key oid="__sys__Login"
     and key oid="__sys__Logout"
     You may subscribe on those messages if you want to be informed
     about other clients which login or logout

   - Added a xmlBlaster reference handbook to xmlBlaster.org
     This page is generated from the requirement XML files in the
     xmlBlaster/doc/requirements directory of the distribution.
     It is available on our homepage in the 'Doc' section.

   - Bugfix if the Callback of a PtP receiver is disappeared,
     this usually happens when the receiver crashes without a logout.
     Now the XmlBlasterException with e.id="CallbackFailed" it thrown
     to the sender,  and the message is queued for the receiver
     if the qos flag <ForceQueuing> was set.

   - Allow clients to ping xmlBlaster, to test reliable the connection.
     The xmlBlaster.idl was extended with a ping() method.
     Java clients may use CorbaConnection.java to automatically test
     ping the connection.

   - Added <qos> tag <subscriptionId> for update messages.
     This allows the client to find out which of his subscriptions
     caused this update.

   - Added <qos> tag <state> for update messages.
     This is not finished, it always shows OK for the moment.

   - Command line parameters (args) and xmlBlaster.property file entries
     merged. The 'args' overwrite the property file variables.
     Every xmlBlaster.property variable may as well be specified on
     command line. The leading "-" or "+" from the command line key is
     stripped before it is merged into the properties hash table.
     For example, the "-iorFile" command line argument corresponds to
     "iorFile" variable in the xmlBlaster.properties file.
     See Property.java

   - And many more little enhancements



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de