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Re: XMLBLaster and transactions

Rich Johns wrote:
> Greetings,
> just read the white paper on XMLBlaster. Wondering how, for example
> my EJBServer's transaction mechanism would work with XMLBlaster?
> How can I integrate XMLBlaster into my existing transaction mechanism?
Good question :-)

Transactions support is on our TODO list (see older messages from Jan,6
in our mailing list) but not yet implemented.
We have set persistence and authentication/authorization as our
current goals, so if nobody else commits himself to implement
transaction support, there will be none for the next weeks
(contributions are welcome).

EJB supports implicit transactions built on the CORBA OTS/JTS service,
which will be our foundation as well.

I believe MOM transactions span across companies or the internet.
So we need to be controllable by external TP monitors.

Maybe MOM will loosely couple together flat transactions from different
locations by providing the durable queue part 'D' of the 'ACID'.

Is it possible for you to formulate what you would expect from
xmlBlaster transactions?



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de