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Re: Preferred method for building source?

Brett Palmer wrote:
> Hey all,
> What is the preferred method to build the source for xmlBlaster? From the
> root of the source tree there appears to be three different ways to build
> the source.
> 1. build.sh (or build.bat)
> 2. make all
> 3. ant
> I have had the most success with just using the Makefile and running "make
> all".  But it looks like this method rebuilds the whole source even when
> only one class has changed.  I can review the Makefiles a little more, but
> if anyone has any quick suggestion I would appreciate it.

build.sh and ant is the same.

I currently use 'make all' on Linux, but 'ant' works as well.

'make all' works in every directory where a Makefile is,
compiling only the directory tree below the current directory.

I use it when hacking in one directory to compile locally only.

Makefiles check the dependency, so they should not recompile if not


PS: Is IBM JDK 1.3 running stable?

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de