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Hello everybody,
yesterday I compiled and tested xmlBlaster sucessfully on my Linux Box.
But I had some minor problems with the html demo. Could you please send
me the necessary parts of your jserv (jserv.properties, zone.properties)
configuration on www.xmlBlaster.org?

By the way, in nearer future I think, i would like to commit my hacks
:-) to the xmlBlaster CVS repository. How can I get write access?

See ya

Gerhard Fröhlich
Customer Solutions

IQENA GmbH - Ehlerstrasse 15 - 88046 Friedrichshafen - Germany
T +49. (0)7541. 3012-0 - F +49. (0)7541. 3012-811 
mailto:g.froehlich at iqena.com - http://www.iqena.com