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Problems with HTML Demo

today I wanted to test the HTML demo local on my Linux Box. When I
opened the demo Website in my Browser, the sites and the little control
window appeared and according to the xmlBlaster Log the "client" did
login successful xmlBlaster. Only the frame, which displays the mem and
cpu info gets an internal Server Error and failed to appear.

In the moment, I`ve no idea what´s going wrong. Maybe anybody can give
me a hint.

So long

xmlBlaster Log:

06.07.2000 00:27:32 INFO  AuthServerImpl: Trying login for martin


Total memory allocated = 2.129 MBytes. Free memory available = 806.896
06.07.2000 00:27:33 TRACE SaxHandlerBase: Creating new SaxHandlerBase
06.07.2000 00:27:33 TRACE XmlQoSBase: Creating new XmlQoSBase
06.07.2000 00:27:33 TRACE ClientQoS: Creating ClientQoS(<qos>

      <callback type='IOR'>
06.07.2000 00:27:34 TRACE ClientQoS: Entering startElement for callback
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientQoS: Entering endElement for callback
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientQoS: Entering endElement for qos
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE AuthenticationInfo: Creating new
AuthenticationInfo martin
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientInfo: Creating new ClientInfo martin
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientInfo: notifyAboutLogin()
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientInfo: Trying
Class.forName('org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba.CallbackCorbaDriver') ...
06.07.2000 00:27:35 INFO  CallbackCorbaDriver: Accessing client callback
reference using given IOR string
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientInfo: Created callback driver for
protocol 'IOR'
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE ClientSubscriptions: Login event for client
martin, nothing to do
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE RequestBroker: Login event for client martin
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE XmlKeyBase: Creating new XmlKey for
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE SaxHandlerBase: Creating new SaxHandlerBase
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE XmlQoSBase: Creating new XmlQoSBase
06.07.2000 00:27:35 CALL  RequestBroker: Entering publish() ...
06.07.2000 00:27:35 TRACE XmlToDom: Creating DOM tree
06.07.2000 00:27:36 TRACE XmlKeyBase: Found key oid="__sys__Login"
06.07.2000 00:27:36 CALL  RequestBroker: Entering
publish(oid='__sys__Login', contentMime='text/plain',
contentMimeExtended='') ...
06.07.2000 00:27:36 TRACE RequestBroker: Doing publish() in Pub/Sub
06.07.2000 00:27:36 TRACE RequestBroker: Handle the new arrived Pub/Sub
message ...
06.07.2000 00:27:36 TRACE MessageUnitWrapper: Creating new
MessageUnitWrapper for published message, key oid=__sys__Login
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE MessageUnitHandler: Creating new
MessageUnitHandler setting new data. Key=__sys__Login
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE XmlKeyBase: Created DOM tree for __sys__Login,
adding it to <xmlBlaster> tree
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE XmlToDom: Entering mergeRootNode() ...
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE XmlKeyDom: mergeNode=<key oid="__sys__Login"
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE XmlKeyDom: Successfully merged tree
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE MessageUnitHandler: Going to update dependent
clients, subscriberMap.size() = 0
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE RequestBroker: Checking existing query
subscriptions if they match with this new one
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE XmlKey: Releasing tiny DOM tree
06.07.2000 00:27:37 TRACE BigXmlKeyDOM: Login event for client martin


Apache Error Log File:

java.lang.ClassCastException: servlet.SystemInfo.code doesn't map to a
String object
Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
        at org.apache.jserv.JServConnection.run(JServConnection.java,
Compiled Code)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java, Compiled Code)
[Thu Jul  6 00:51:38 2000] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: /servlet/SystemInf