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XML-RPC Driver

Hallo everybody
I have continued the implementation of the xml-rpc driver. There is now:

- a native xml-rpc driver
- XML-RPC callback support
- client utility classes

To test it invoke:

jaco -Dsax.driver=com.sun.xml.parser.Parser org.xmlBlaster.Main

java -Dsax.driver=com.sun.xml.parser.Parser org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.xmlrpc.XmlBlasterProxy

XmlBlasterProxy is a class which entirely hides all protocol details. I will provide a more extense demo for this driver in the next days.


Michele Laghi
Av. Benavides 163 dpto. 301
tel. +51 1 4463956
e-mail: michele.laghi at attglobal.net