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i have added new packages under:

  engine--persistence--I_PersitenceDriver.java     (<<interface>>)
                                   +- filestore--FileDriver.java

New packages:
-The 'persistence' section is a transparent layer for the engine
  I_PersistenceDriver is the interface for any persistence
implementations e.g. RDBMS, OODB, ReiserFS, MuDb....

* The 'mudb' section is a persistence of the xmlBlaster. MessageUnits
   are stored in a this database, if the Qos-Tag "isDurable" is set.
   The PMessageUnit is a little extended MessageUnit, which is
   cached in the memory and mapped on the disk with COPY-BACK-Caching.
   Your can query, update, delete, insert, get MessageUnits from the

* The 'filestore' section is a simple file-database with NO caching.
   You can erase, fetch or store Messages in files.

Configure the persistence over the xmlBlaster.properties.
At the moment, you can only you the FileDriver. I work on the
All tests are in our testsuite. Type for update your source-structure:
cvs update -d -P

Feel free and send comments to: xmlblaster-devel at server.xmlBlaster.org
or xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.orgf

Cheers from Manuel