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Re: Documentation & Tutorials

Budi Wiyono wrote:
> Hi,
> It's would be great if we have
> xmlBlaster based ecommerce application example.
> Can we develop ecommerce application like:
> http://www.objectweb.org/joram/joramCommerce.htm ?

This is a great MOM tutorial!

Shure xmlBlaster can do all of this, even cooler ;-)

- The servers could be implemented in any XML-RPC,
  RMI or CORBA aware language (soon SOAP as well),
  for example legacy C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, TCL ...

- The topic can be described much more
  expressive with XML (and XPath to query it).
  This allows to describe problem domains in a simple but powerful way,
  and accessing topics with XPath queries
  (e.g. get all 'mothers with three childs').

- The QOS is described with XML as well, and allows
  any extension to xmlBlaster without changing the interface.
  Backward compatibility with freedom of implementing
  nice features for anybody (open source) is a great aspect.

regards and thanks for sharing your tutorial with us,


PS: May we put a link to your site on our 'Internet resources' page?
> Best Regards,
> At 10:00 22/09/00 +0200, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> >Another tutorial could introduce step by step how one
> >can build a MOM based application (building
> >a air traffic control software as an example).

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