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Re: XmlRpc and JDK 1.3

Michele Laghi wrote:
> I think that the cause of trouble is the following:
> in jdk1.2.2 the Post command results in
> POST / HTTP/1.0
> while with jdk1.3 it results in
> POST  HTTP/1.0
> This causes a parsing error in the xmlrpc server.
I have found following statement:


(section 11 about java.net.URL)

11. The behavior of java.net.URL has changed slightly for cases in which
a URL instance is constructed from a String. In previous versions of the
Java platform, a final slash ('/') would be added to a URL when the URL
was constructed without one. For example, consider this code: 

URL url = new URL("http://www.xxx.yyy";);

In previous releases, this code would produce the following output. 


In 1.3, the trailing slash is not automatically appended, so that the
output of the above code is now 


The previous behavior was technically a bug, and it is not expected that
this change will cause any compatibility problems with previous

> Can somebody tell me which version is correct, so that we can direct
> the bugfix either to jdk1.2.2, jdk1.3 or xmlrpc
I believe we need to make xmlrpc fault tolerant to accept
both ways, i'll have a look into it.


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de