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Re: Newbie... Still trying...

> Hello Blasters....
> I've got a CLASSPATH tha won't quit!

I assume from the classpath you are on UNIX (Linux?).
The CLASSPATH for the bash is automatically set when

  . $HOME/xmlBlaster/.bashrc

Have a look in it, it is posix bourne shell syntax.
Note the dot '.' at the beginning.

I believe you do include in $HOME/xmlBlaster/.bashrc
itself again, so you get a never ending loop.
Get the original $HOME/xmlBlaster/.bashrc again.

In your $HOME directory usually the .profile or .bashrc
is invoked when you open a new xterm.
There you can include the call to our .bashrc.

But you can also do it manually for every new xterm:

  . $HOME/xmlBlaster/.bashrc

hope it helps,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de