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Re: How to send publish xml message via email attachment ?

Dear Marcel,

Apache SOAP already have HTTP and SMTP tunneling support.

Supports messaging and RPC over two transports: 
HTTP and SMTP Supports authoring services in scripting languages.

If the RPC is carried over HTTP, the server-side RPC router (rpcrouter.jsp
in the webapp directory) receives the POST-ed envelope, unmarshalls it and
then builds a Call object. Then, the target object is located by looking up
the object ID in the ServiceManager's
(org.apache.soap.server.ServiceManager), the method name is verified and
then the invoke (Object) method is called to call the method on the target
object. The return value is a Result (org.apache.soap.rpc.Result) object
which is then marshalled and sent back as the HTTP response. 

If the RPC is carried over SMTP, then it goes to a mailbox and sits there
waiting to be acted upon. We provide a POP3 to HTTP to SMTP bridge to
receive these mail messages, post the content to an HTTP SOAP endpoint, get
the result and forward the result by mail (SMTP) to the original sender.
The receiving side will poll the POP3 server, receive the message, extract
the content, unmarshall and return the Response to the original caller.


At 09:44 07/11/00 +0100, Marcel Ruff wrote:
>Budi Wiyono wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> According with xmlBlaster architecture:
>> http://www.xmlblaster.org/architecture.jpg
>> How to send publish xml message via email attachment ?
>> Any idea as how to implement it would be highly appreciated.
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> BDW
>We have discussed this topic in our mailing list as well,
>but the EmailDriver for xmlBlaster is not implemented yet
>(see "HTTP / EMAIL / FTP / WAP tunneling proposal" from March,16 2000)
>I would expect somthing like this:
>--------------------------EMAIL BODY------------------------------
><?xml version="1.0"?>
><xmlBlaster method="publish" sessionId="12aa3z45X"
>                   xmlns="http://www.xmlBlaster.org";>
>   <key oid="myMessageId" contentType="text/plain">
>      <!-- Some user specified meta information for this content
>             which is queryabe with XPATH -->
>   </key>
>   <content link="" xmlns="">
>      <!<CDATA[ Hello world ]]>
>   </content>
>   <qos>
>      <!-- Some quality of service tags, to control xmlBlaster -->
>      <isDurable />
>   </qos>
>--------------------------EMAIL BODY------------------------------
>and for binary content data, putting the content into an attachment
>(declared in the body with a link attribute):
>   ....
>   <content link="attachment" xmlns="">
>   </content>
>   ....
>Implementing the EmailDriver for xmlBlaster should not be a big
>task, it is the same schema as with the XML-RPC, CORBA, RMI drivers,
>take a copy of one of those, and hack the email sending and or
>Marcel Ruff
>mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de