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Re: gnu autoconf

I recently got the oracle jdbc drivers for from


Select "Oracle JDBC Drivers" from the pull-down menu, and it will take you to a
bunch of different options.  Then just get one of them for "Solaris" (its java
... should be platform independant).  There should be options for 'thinclient'
versions also so you dont need a local Oracle installation.

I grabbed:

For this you need a oracle developer network membership, but it is free so
create an account.

There is probably some freeware oracle.jdbc drivers somewhere else, but I didnt
want to spent the time hunting for them.


On Mar 15, 12:36am, Heinrich Götzger wrote:
> Subject: Re: gnu autoconf
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> >Try a
> >
> >  cvs upd -d -P
> >
> >in the root directory, -d will check out new added
> >directories as well.
> >I believe the directory
> >
> >  xmlBlaster/src/java/org/jutils/collection/validators
> >
> >is missing on your machine.
> Well, i guess the -d was the missing option....
> after updating, ant and configure worked well till  it reaches the oracle
> stuff
> [...]
> import oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver;
>                           ^
> OracleSqlFactory.java:3: package oracle.jdbc.driver does not exist
> import oracle.jdbc.driver.*;
> [...]
> these files are missing on my mashine.
> oracle.jdbc.* and oracle.sql.*is missing in my CP.
> regards
> Heinrich
>-- End of excerpt from Heinrich Götzger