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Re: How to get the list of logged clients?

Gilles Lavaux wrote:
> Hello Marcel,
> Thanks for the info.
> I have modified the RequestBroker.java to have a '__sys__UserList'
> containing the loginName, this list is stored inside a hashtable 'loggedIn'
> and contains also the ClientInfo.
> See the attached file, my changes are after the '//GL:' comments in
> functions:
> - constructor.
> - updateInternalStateInfo()
> - clientAdded()
> - clientRemove()

OK, i have added it to cvs.

> PS: I am a newbie with xmlblaster, I don't even know how to use the XPATH
> textfield from the GUI control pannel :-( !

Try a query like this:

  //key[ at oid='__sys__UserList']

to see your new feature :-)

I believe we should in near future change
 __sys__* support to a pluggable interface.

This way it would be easy to support further
__sys__... as plugins without touching the core code.

We could then address performance issues much better.

Yes - this would definitly be a nice little extension,
i just need a day of time ...

> I hope my change are correct enough: for example I have used 'synchronized'
> inside the clientAdded() clientRemove()  but not inside
> updateInternalStateInfo(). Don't know if it's good.

Hmm, i have added the synchronized there as well,
to have a valid Enumeration on all conditions.

> Another question: is it not better to format a result like the list of user
> in xml? for examples:
> <UserList>
>   <sys_users>
>      <__sys_GUIquery />
>      <__sys_jdbc />
>      ...other sys user....
>   <sys_users>
>   <users>
>     <toto />
>     ...other 'normal' users....
>   </user>
> </UserList>

Yes, this sounds reasonable, as we call
ourselfs 'xmlBlaster' we should prefer
xml-ish content.

Currently the other __sys__* are simple
plain ASCII as well, probably
a 'styleguide' how __sys__* messages are
formatted is necessary.

Comments and drafts are welcome!



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de