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RE: How to perform the following Request-Response Messaging

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> De: owner-xmlblaster-devel at xmlBlaster.org
> [mailto:owner-xmlblaster-devel at xmlBlaster.org]En nombre de Marcel Ruff
> Enviado el: martes, 27 de marzo de 2001 21:54
> Para: Juan Carlos Coruna; xmlblaster-devel
> Asunto: Re: How to perform the following Request-Response Messaging
> > Since I'm developing the zope product without callback 
> interface by now, I will try to use the get method, now. But I 
> can't see the sender in the qos tag. I suppose that the sender is 
> only in the Pub/sub pattern available.
> You are right, the qos was only delivered on update().
> I have added this support to returned messages
> by get() in xmlBlaster:
> <qos>
>    <state>
>       OK
>    </state>
>    <sender>
>       Tim
>    </sender>
> </qos>
> You can use the new client helper
>   xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/client/GetQos.java
> which parses this QoS for you.
> Please get the newest patch with cvs and recompile
> with
>    UNIX:       build.sh all
>    WINDOWS:    build.bat all
> You can test it (after starting xmlBlaster) with:
>    java testsuite.org.xmlBlaster.TestGet -dump true

Thanks, I will try it.

> > 
> > But, if I try to get the ERP response with the "get" method I 
> become error responses. How must be the qos and key tag?
> How are the errors?

Here are the messages I interchange and finally the error.

Sending the request:
    	content = <request sender='26451'>
	   <question type='Product.Price'>
	puboid: Navision.Request

Receiving the request:

	get Request: [("<key oid='Navision.Request' contentMime='text/plain'>\012	\012</key>", "<request sender='26451'>\012   <question type='Product.Price'>	\012      GS-34M\012   </question>\012</request>", '<qos></qos>')]

Sending the response:
	content = 1900

	send Response:
	pubkey: <key oid='' contentMime='text/plain'></key>
	pubqos: <qos>
      <destination queryType='EXACT'>
         <ForceQueuing />

reiceiving the response:

	After login I invoke the method get with the following gatkey and getqos:

		getkey: <key oid=''></key>
		getqos: <qos></qos>

	And then it raises this error:

xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 0: "java.lang.Exception: id=RequestBroker.UnavailableKey reason=The key '' is not available.">