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MimeType changes during transfer?


in my little application, which uses pub/sub of xmlBlaster, I try to
publish and subscrib (this typo is by purpose, since s u b s c r i b e is
a key word for majordomo and makes this eMail not being deliverd :-)
jpg-imges and text. If text is published, all things going fine.

But if I try to publish an jpg-image, somehow the MimeType turns from
image/jpg at the publisher to text/plain at the subscriber within the same

Any ideas?

In the example in xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/client/feeder the
xmlKey is set to "key oid="MyTest.gif" ...
In my App I'm setting the xmlKey to an unique value, does this make
a difference?

Would I need the content_Mime_Extended="Version1.0" attribute?
(without the _ of course)




I tried to post this mail last week, but it wouldn't go through somehow.
Now it should! 1000th try .....
I finally figured, that it's not so easy to send eMail via majordomo if
fragments of xml is involved or discussons about mom-technology is
in progress :-((((( thats why all these tests, sorry