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xmlblaster TODO list: 'Client should be able to query which subscriptions he has'

Hello Marcel

After the logged-in info, I wanted to be able to see the subscription list
of the clients.

I have played a little with the code and I have a proposal (I can send the
modif tomorrow, need to re-check it):
- In ClientInfo: I have added two Vectors to keep the 'SubscriptionInfo' and
the 'SubscriptionInfo.UniqueKey'
            + 3 functions:
            public void addSubscription(SubscriptionInfo subs)
            public int removeSubscription(SubscriptionInfo subs)
            public String listSubscriptions()
- in RequestBroker: I call theses function on the clientInfo inside the
unSubscribe() and Subscribe() methods.
            in the MessageUnit[] get() function I have added a hack to
intercept a key like '__sys__SubscriptionList'

                if (xmlKey.getKeyOid().equals("__sys__SubscriptionList"))
 //GL: I want to get my subscription list!!
                    MessageUnit msg[]=new MessageUnit[1];
                    return msg;

the clientInfo.listSubscriptions() return something like this:
      <clientInfo id='Services_Status'/>
      <xmlKey oid='MyWebApp.MyServer.control'/>

      <msgUnitHandler id='MyWebApp.MyServer.control'/>
      <creationTime>May 30, 2001 6:57:21 PM</creationTime>

      <clientInfo id='Services_Status'/>
      <xmlKey oid='__sys__UserList'/>

      <msgUnitHandler id='__sys__UserList'/>
      <creationTime>May 30, 2001 6:57:22 PM</creationTime>

First I had problem with the subscription with 'xpath', but now afaik it's
If you think it's an acceptable solution I send you the modified classes.

They was no activity lately(mailing list), is there some new stuffs

Best regards

Gilles Lavaux