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New Server is on Line :-)

Hi Folks,

as you probably noticed, we had a hard time in the last few weeks with
xmlBlaster.org-Server, but as far as I can see it from now, we are done
with most of the new settings. Today we got the mailinglist back
On-Line and all seems to be fine right now.

But we know, that there are still things to do:
- update of cvsweb
- reconfigure of the online jserv-example (it's not working right now)
- check if the website works on different browsers and platforms
  (I could'nt find a problem using Netscape on WinX :-)
- and all these things, which I forgot right now ....

Any further input is very welcome.
But please understand, that not all whishes will be fulfilled right away.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards