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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] subscription bug with 2 objects and same key - Part 2

Hi Juergen,

you are right, i nice bug ...
I have added a test case - and the test shows "red".

Try a cvs update and recompile, and run the test:

java -Djava.compiler= test.ui.TestRunner testsuite.org.xmlBlaster.TestSubMulti

You can do this once and again until it is suddenly "green" - when i
have fixed it (hopefully tomorrw).

best regards,


Juergen Freidling wrote:


I've some more information about my problems with 2 subsribers on one

The ConnectionAdapter registers on this key:
 SubscribeKeyWrapper key = new
SubscribeKeyWrapper("//key/location[ at dest='agent-']",
 SubscribeQosWrapper qos = new SubscribeQosWrapper();
 String subscriptionId = connection.subscribe(key.toXml(), qos.toXml(),

The ProxyServiceDriver registers on this key:
 SubscribeKeyWrapper key = new
SubscribeKeyWrapper("//key[ at contentMimeExtended='action']/location[ at dest='ag
ent-' and  at driver='PSD1']", "XPATH");
 SubscribeQosWrapper qos = new SubscribeQosWrapper();
 String subscriptionId = ca.getConnection().subscribe(key.toXml(),
qos.toXml(), this);

When publishing this key:
<key oid='' contentMime='text/xml' contentMimeExtended='action'>
 <location dest='agent-' driver='PSD1'></location>

The xmlBlaster gives the following output:
28.01.2002 14:25:00:INFO :XmlKey:XPath subscription
'//key[ at contentMimeExtended='action']/location[ at dest='agent-'
and  at driver='PSD1']' matches message ''
28.01.2002 14:25:00:INFO :XmlKey:XPath subscription
'//key/location[ at dest='agent-']' matches message

This shows, that both registrations does exist. But only the update method
of one of the registered objects is called, in this case allways the object
which has registered at last.

Is there any shortcut implemented, which does suppress the delivery of the
same message to multiple objects?

Thanks for any help.

best regards,
Juergen Freidling