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[xmlblaster-devel] Added updateOneway() and publishOneway() support

Hi again,

there is now support to publish() and update() messages in oneway mode.

Oneway invocations don't have a return value and
can't throw an exception over the socket.

Normal method invocations have a return value
and throw exceptions. This is kind of an
application level ACK/NACK.

The 'oneway' variant relies on the TCP ACK,
which is reliable as well, but does not allow
transaction safety.

Note that CORBA and our SOCKET protocol
support native 'oneway', whereas we simulate
oneway with RMI and XmlRpc (not much
performance gain).
The EMAIL driver is always oneway as well
as is Heinrichs letter dove :-)

Every publisher and subscriber can choose which
variant it wishes to communitcate.

The performance boost is promising, on my
600 MHz Linux box the oneway publishing
(with burst mode) reached far over

   3000 messages/second.

using CORBA.
This is fun.

The next step is to tune the raw SOCKET connection
to beat CORBA.
The future xmlBlaster clustering framework will
possibly use the SOCKET protocol (it is configurable)
to allow tunneling firewalls and probably proxies
with real time callbacks.

Yes, this is fun :-)