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[xmlblaster-devel] Opened stable branch BRANCH_0_7_9g


we have opened a branch to finally get a stable release 0.79g

Here is a cvs roadmap for xmlBlaster development:

0.79g stable branch 0.8 stable branch

        +-------# REL_0_7_9g       +------------# REL_0_8_0
        |                          |
        |                          |
   BRANCH_0_7_9g              BRANCH_0_8_0
        |                          |
        |                          |
---------+-------0.79dev------------+------0.80dev----> main trunk
    2002-06-28                 2002-10

Please see


how to check out a branch or stable release.

If you don't need to deploy xmlBlaster to your customer
the next days, stay on the main trunk as before to
get the newest code (which always passes the testsuite).
In this case you don't need to change anything.

If you are chicken-hearted and need to freeze your code
it may be a good idea to checkout BRANCH_0_7_9g which
exists only for bug fixes
and will result in the release 0.79g