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Re: AW: [xmlblaster-devel] about jutils.org

Hello chief operaor ,

Juergen Birkle a écrit:

Hi Cyrille,

I'm the maintainer of jutils.org
Thank you for reporting this problem to us!

The original author of this class is Marcel, but I have added your code to
the default constructor, as you did in your code.

Great !
It for many months I'got da problem, but I didn't think about tell it to other ... some time I get a stupid freezed brain ;o)

I've also removed the
System.out.println() line, because such output does not make sense in any
utility class. You can do a "cvs update" to get the modified code or take a

is the xmlBlaster BRANCH_0_7_9g is uptodate with that code ?

By the way, I was surprised to find a default constructor of this class!
This class was designed by Marcel to be a container of all parameters given
by the system environment or by the user.Because of this I don't know if the class works fine if you use the default constructor.

Perhaps I've got a strange initialisation in my application. The default constructor is needs because I haven't got a properties file.
If well remember, I just need to parse commande line with Args, so Property is need and init by the default constructor.

Thanks again for your very fast intervention !


Juergen Birkle

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Betreff: [xmlblaster-devel] about jutils.org


I would like to contact da chief operator for jutils.org  ,
because I did a little hack in default constructor de init/Property.java
and it perhaps could be added to cvs.
Or perhaps it's a miss understood of me ?

Every time I do a update of xmlBlaster, I've to apply my patch and many
time I forget and restart debugging ;o{

here is the hack :

   // org/jutils/init/Property.java
   public Property() {
       System.out.println("Property : Default constructor called.");
       // cyrille at ktaland.com
       // add a instance to avoid null pointer exception ...
       jutilsProperties = new Properties();