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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Redirect LogChannel for log4j

Bom diaz Uwe,

Hi xmlBlaster Developer,

I am developing a application that uses Log4J. The xmlBlaster client classes are used in this project.

Now xml Blaster has its own logging. I would like, that the xmlblaster
loggings would appear in my log4j files. The xmlBlaster (jutils) LogChannel has a super feature. I can define a

Honour to Juergen Birkle ...

callback Interface, so all log calls can be caught and manipulated, e.g.
like this:

public class c implements org.jutils.log.LogableDevice {
* Event fired by LogChannel.java through interface LogableDevice.
* <p />
* Log output into our Category <br />
public void log(int level, String source, String str)
final Category log = org.apache.log4j.Category.getInstance("org.xmlblaster");

StringBuffer logTxt = new StringBuffer();
logTxt.append("] ");
switch (level) {
case LogChannel.LOG_CALL:
case LogChannel.LOG_DUMP:
case LogChannel.LOG_TIME: case LogChannel.LOG_TRACE: if (log.isDebugEnabled())
break; case LogChannel.LOG_ERROR: log.error(logTxt);
break; case LogChannel.LOG_INFO: log.info(logTxt);
break; case LogChannel.LOG_WARN: log.warn(logTxt);
break; default:
break; };
} }


Now I have a problem with initializing. I have to get all LogChannels,
that are used by Global, without knowing the ids. But there exists no appropriate method. If I would have it, e.g. Enumeration Global.getLogs(), I could
initialize all Channels by adding my Interceptor.

Perhaps you can add it.

Please just add it yourself and commit it to xmlBlaster.org



Thank you and many greetings