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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Bugging me.

Martin Johnson wrote:

> I can see the point in an embedded situation, I not even sure that that the
> full socket api is available on those types of platforms (select, ioctl
> etc) so dont limit yourself to a common denominator.

I can assure you that on Linux devices the full socket API is present.

> I think it would be good/wise to keep the underlying transport mechanism as
> pluggable as possible. I think xmlBlaster is 'great' but the strongest
> reason I considered xmlblaster is on the client side I already had an
> established application and it is all on the strength of CORBA idl that I
> am able to work with xmlBlaster seamlessly without adding additional
> untrusted comms code. I think the same may stand for a socket based apps,
> what do you think?

Currently I am writing a small library for socket connection which other, 
higher libs, can use as transport protocol.
Speaken the other way round, the xml blaster lib on the client can chose which 
transport layer up it links to.