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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [Ant-contrib-developers] linking problems with nt

Martin Johnson wrote:


If you are using the "alpha" release of CppTask, please build it from the

Yes i think xmlBlaster has an outdated version from 2002/04/16.
Martin, if you have success with the newest cpptasks just add it to
as well.

Your right, the CVS version and the recommendations from Curt have allowed me to finally compile and link the client lib with TAO. (Phew). I'll do this for Linux as well.


Before I do any replacing of files to cvs I should like to advise you of a couple of things and hopefully you will advise me. It is getting quite late here and work is waiting later this morning, so I havent run any tests myself yet and I'm likely to have a dumb question here though...with the new cpptasks.jar I have had to upgrade to ant 1.5 along with the associated xercesImpl.jar. These are the only two jars I have replaced on my install to get the lib to build. There would appear to be other jars that are perhaps required as part of the upgrade though I dont really have my finger on the pulse with JAXP its version numbers etc and it usage throughout xmlBlaster. Is there the potential for versioning problems with the incorporation of newer version of ant etc into the xmlBlaster tree with things like xindice etc, dumb question?

The ant uses its own xerces.jar which resides in


Just replace all under xmlBlaster/lib/ant/
as you need (rename xercesImpl.jar to xerces.jar but i
think you need the inerfaces in it as well).
build.sh and build.bat use these only.

The jars in xmlBlaster/lib you shouldn't touch in this context.




Martin Johnson