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[xmlblaster-devel] Incompatible C++ client interface change #2

Hi C++ xmlBlaster users,

(same mail as before but with corrected file extensions)

i have made some minor changes to tjhe C++ xmlBlaster client lib.

- There is now a CORBA independend util::MessageUnit

- CorbaConnection.cpp has now CORBA independend variants
  which are based on STL

- Fixed memory leaks (in the client C++ libs)

The goal is to step by step allow coding C++ clients
without any CORBA specific/depending code.

Having STL based publish(), subscribe(), get() etc
variants allows much smarter client code, prevents
from memory leaks, allows to plugin any protocol
to access xmlBlaster and minimizes the learning effort
of users.

For some methods there are still the CORBA syntax
based variants available but they are deprecated.

For erase() and get() you need to port your existing
code, this is simple and straight forward, see for example
    xmlBlaster/testsuite/c++/TestGet.cpp and TestSub.cpp

If any C++ user on this mailing list has a Purify/BoundChecker/Insure++
or whatever license it would be nice if you could check the examples
TestSub.cpp TestGet.cpp etc. if they show any memory leaks.