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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] xml parser and EJB support

On 17 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Peter Antman wrote:
>>Hi, I would like to have an OK on the following changes:
>>1. Adding a JAXPFactory to utils where we can get new JAXP factorories
>>   by name.
>>2. Adding methods to global:
> Yep, to org.xmlBlaster.engine.Global

Eh, thanks. I was about to ad it to util.Global!

> Note that this global is a 'singleton' in repect to a server node.
> If you start 3 xmlBlaster servers in the same JVM, each
> of them has its own engine.Global with all its bootstraping informations
> and all its 'singletons' like SAXParserFactory.
> (So its no singleton in respect to the JVM).

Yea I know. And it makes stuff so muche easier than before!
>>This will
>>a) Load either javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory (or equiv) if
>>available in glob or use the crimson default.
>>b) Save an instance in glob and return that on future accesses.
> Yep.
>>3. Fix XmlKey to fo XmlToDom a glob and fix XmlProcessor to take a glob
>>   and to use an XMLProcessorImpl that uses glob to get the factory. 
> Yep, this is the way to go, global is passed through to the classes
> to have its distinct environment.
>>Is this OK?
> so long,

I do it now ;-)

> Marcel
> PS: I have switched the discussion to the xmlblaster-devel mailing list
> and changed the subject

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