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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Connections/CallbackServer/Subscriptions

On 26 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> usually after some 10000 msg sent the performance has is max. saturation.
>>>Message/second updated
>>>             IOR            SOCKET                   RMI
>>>      oneCon  manyCon               oneCon  manyCon          oneCon  manyCon
        oneCon  manyCon
>>>100    35     27
>>>500    20     2                      11      0               21      2
        -       -
> Does this mean that  for IOR oneCon 500 x 20 = 10 000 msg/sec are updated?

No it actually say that for one message sent, it manages to update 20
subscribers per second. 500 subscribers with same query, 1 message takes
500/20 to seconds top reach all subscribers.

At least a hope that is what I measure. Maybe I should commit the code
tomorrow so you can see what I am doing: Almost all of it is taken from
other XmlBlaster test, especially the many subscriber test i qos.

What is really anoyning is that on several occasion XmlBlaster reaches a
statate where it stopes uptading the subscriber. I can see the server
starting pinging and the subsribers whaiting, but no new messages. I
have had this scenario both for RMI and IOR when having 2000 subscribers
on one connection, but also in a new test where I had 5000, but
distributed among 10 connectione, i.e 500 subscibers/connection.

Here I reached about 2500 updates before it stoped. In  the IOR and RMI
cases metioned above, XmlBlaster stoped publishing at 1500-1700 updated
clients. I guess there is a real possibility there is a deadlock
somewhere...I dump the stack tomorrow to see.

> Marcel

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