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[xmlblaster-devel] CVS branch 'branch_pqueue' merged to main trunk


the cvs branches where changed as follows:


1. The developing branch 'branch_pqueue' is now merged
   back to the main trunk.

2. No further development is done on 'branch_pqueue',
   the cvs main trunk is now the current development branch.


o Working on the newest (you need to port your client code
  see xmlBlaster/CHANGES for details):

 cvs  checkout  -P  xmlBlaster

o Working on the stable branch 0.8 (with its fixes of the last weeks no further development is done here):

  cvs  checkout -P  -r  REL_0_8_0+  xmlBlaster


You need to port your client code, see xmlBlaster/CHANGES for details.
We are sorry about the incompatible changes we had to make
but the compiler will tell you what changed -
this way it is probably a day replacing code fragments in
your client code - but it shouldn't be dangerous as the compiler
tells you everything (please switch on deprecation warnings).

Note that we are now intensively working on the main branch
so some minor changes will follow - but currently most
of the testsuite passes so it is quite stable.

Please report any problems with the new code base to our
mailing list.



PS: For a development roadmap see