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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Involved XMLBlaster questions

Hallo Kelley,

Kelley Phillips wrote:

My company has assigned me to do the inital testing
of XMLBlaster as a potential MOM solution for a
project we recently received.

The main need in this project is to handle point to
point messages in a secure and reliable way, as well
as handle persistance of messages and high availability.
Additionally, large files (currently up to about 4MB)
need to be able to be handled fairly efficiently, though
most of the traffic would be much smaller (less than 20k).
We alos have the restriction of needing to implement this
solution under Windows (both server and client side). Clients
will probably need to be written in C++.

Currently a lot of changes are under way on the XmlBlaster, both on the server side and on the client side. Particularly if you plan to use c++ clients, then I strongly suggest you checkout our latest CVS code. Not everything is finished yet, but you will get the latest stand of xmlBlaster.

Does this sound like a reasonable fit for XMLBlaster?

I've uncovered a lot of positive things through testing,
but have hit what seems a big snag in handling largish
(a little over 2MB) messages.

I modified the Ptpsend and PtpReceive examples to take
a -file parameter to send and receive arbitrary files.
After moving 2MB files in point to point mode several
times in a row I would generally get a "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError".

I tried this using a modified version of the XMLBlasterClient.pl and Server.pl perl scripts and got similar results (though they seemed to hit the problem sooner).

Is this a problem with how XMLBlaster was initiated?
(from the .bat file which has: java -jar lib\xmlBlaster.jar)
Or from how I modified the java files, or from a limitation
of java or XMLBlaster under Windows? or...?

You could try to increase the JVM parameters to give to the application more memory, try:

-Xms and -Xms

parameters, for example:

-Xms128M -Xmx256M

I'm attaching the modified java files (hope this isn't too much, but it may be useful for someone else).

Also, here are the command lines I used to initiate the Sender
and server java classes:
PtpSendInput (modified from PtpSend)
java PtpSendInput -client.protocol XML-RPC -numSend 1 -delay
0010 -forceQueuing true -file  -xmlrpc.hostname

PtpReceiveInput (modified from PtpReceive)
java PtpReceiveInput -client.protocol XML-RPC -xmlrpc.hostname -file -abortCount 1

One other problem I encountered during these same tests, were the removing
of persistent PtP messages. Although I tried using the erase() method that
didn't seem to do the trick...

I tried to compile your examples but I have the new stand (CVS) of xmlBlaster and it does not compile. I will check out the old code and test them againt it and inform you later.

Any help, comments, questions for me etc. are very appreciated.

It looks like these last group of tests are what's standing in the
way of management giving the go ahead to using XMLBlaster for this

 -Kelley Phillips

Kelley Phillips, email: Kelley.Phillips at infotechfl.com
Systems Analyst, Info Tech Inc.