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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Starting xmlBlaster at system startup

hello David,

here is how I do, perhaps not the best, but it's working well ;o)

in /etc/rc.local :

   sudo -u xmlblaster /home/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster.sh


   export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/IBMJava2-131
   export XMLBLASTER_HOME=/home/xmlblaster/xmlBlaster/dist/xmlBlaster

XO1='-useKeyboard false -logConsole false -logFile xmlBlaster.log'
XO2='-cluster.node.id K3 -cb.minimumPoolSize 2'
#XO3='-port 40000 -xmlrpc.hostname xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -xmlrpc.port 40001 -ior.port 40002 -socket.port 40003 -socket.backlog 5'
XO3='-port -1 -hostname xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -xmlrpc.hostname xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -xmlrpc.port 40001 -ior.port 0 -socket.port 0'

   ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -Xms18M -Xmx64M \
    -jar ${XMLBLASTER_HOME}/lib/xmlBlaster.jar \
        "$ at " &

David R Robison a écrit:

Hello, I'm new to this list and have recently been experimenting with
xmlBlaster. We have an application where we would like to use xmlBlaster
but we need it to startup on system boot. I looked through the general
mailing list but did not find any solutions.

I have in the past used an open source project called Wrapper which
provides a consistent mechanism to start up java applications as Windows
services and Linux services. It is distributed as a JAR file and a
platform specific executable. I would be willing to integrate Wrapper
into xmlBlaster so that it may be started as either a NT service or
Linux service it you-all think it might be useful.  If so, may I have
write access to the CVS so that I can check in the changes when I have
them ready?

David R Robison
Open Roads Consulting, Inc.

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