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[xmlblaster-devel] new demo javaclients: SimpleReader SimpleReaderGui


Thmoas Bodemer donated two java demo clients.

These are available with cvs now.

content of the README:
These are two pretty basic kind of xmlBlaster clients.

The goal is to be able to connect to xmlBlaster which runns embedded or is
otherwise not available for starting the build-in gui.

These two clients act as MultiMeter like every electrician worker has one.
You can easy observe all publishing or get an overview about the available

Compile it (make all) and start it like that:

 1.  java javaclients.simplereader.SimpleReader -key "//key[ at oid='__sys__UserList']"

     whereat the argument for key is a XPATH expression of your subscription.

 2. java javaclients.SimpleReaderGui

    opens a little SwingUI.

    On the top left field you may enter your subsribing key, i.e. //key[ at oid='__sys__UserList']

    After you hit the subscribe button, you'll get an update every time the topic gets a new

    Using the Clear button clears the left column.

    Yo may try to enter //key as well to see all available topics.

Don't forget to start the server (java org.xmlBlaster.MainGUI) first.

You may add all other parameters you need to connect to a certain
xmlBlaster node.