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[xmlblaster-devel] Coming release 0.85

Hi folks,

we are planning to make an xmlBlaster release 0.85 in ~ one week.

Any test reports and bug reports are welcome.
To test the current xmlBlaster please access it with cvs.

Don't forget to take the newest xmlBlaster.properties:

cp xmlBlaster/config/xmlBlaster.properties.template $HOME/xmlBlaster.properties

The current cvs is RAM based only (no persistency on server crash).

To switch on persistent messages follow those lines in xmlBlaster.properties:

#========================IMPORTANT NOTE========================================
# NOTE: The following 3 lines make xmlBlaster to run RAM based only (without any database)
# Comment the following 3 lines away and read the next NOTE to have persistency:


# NOTE: You need to install a Postgres or Oracle database to have persistency
# See
# xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/util/queue/jdbc/README
# http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/queue.jdbc.postgres.html
# http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/queue.jdbc.oracle.html


Java user: ------------

There are many examples under xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients

C++ users: -------------- There is now full featured C++ support available, see xmlBlaster/src/c++ xmlBlaster/testsuite/src/c++ which is currently under test on Linux (g++ 2.9x and 3.2) and Windows. Compile it like:

 cd xmlBlaster
 build.sh cpp

(check xmlBlaster/build.properties first).

Perl user: ------------

You find examples in


best regards,

the xmlBlaster coders
(With contributions from Michele Laghi, Martin Johnson, Peter Antman, David Robison,
Cyrille Giquello, Heinrich Goetzger, Konrad Krafft, Wolfgang Kleinertz, Marcel Ruff and many more)

PS: The Cyrille PtP bug is addressed already and will
get an own testcase the next days, and
session reconnect from clients is functional already.