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[xmlblaster-devel] First hack


I have recently discovered xmlBlaster and it seems
to be right up my alley so to speak.

I am in the process of learning all about it...
Lots of reading...

Anyway as I was running up some of the demo stuff
I found a bug in the PHP xml-rpc demo so I fixed it.

I submitted the patch to Marcel and he asked if I would like
developer access to the cvs repository. I have accepted because
I think that xmlBlaster is a very usefull package and am keen on
using it when and were I can.

FYI here is a breif bio...

My name is Peter Bennett and I am a 43 year old company director.
My company specialises in Linux. Installation, Admin and R&D.
I have been in or around the computer industry since the early
space invader days (My experience pre dates the modern day PC).
I am proficient in a number of computer languages and am entirely
self taught.

As you can see from my email address I live in New Zealand. In a small
town called Ngatea. Pronounced na t a. It is about 60 odd miles from
Auckland city on the Hauraki (Pronounced How rack e) plains. Population
maybe 1,500.

My hobbies include. Electronics and Guitar (Fender Squire Strat & Korg
Toneworks AX30G Effects and Fender Stage 112SE Amp) Rock and Roll being
my favourite type of music.

Probably my most notable acheivment was building the first Internet
capable location based service in the world. Basically black boxes with
GSM and GPS. I built a Java client/server app that grabbed the data out
of the black box and displayed it to the client (Maps using Intergraphs Webmap). The project fell over when the black box company fell over
(Run out of finance).

I have worked on a couple of open source projects in the past namely
the rxtx serial driver and Moxa serial driver as part of the location based project.

Finally there is one thing I can offer the group... I note that some if not all of you do not speak/write in English as your first language.

I do therefor if any of you want to submit draft docs for proof reading
to me I would be only to happy to assist in this way.

I look forward to working with you all.