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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] More TestFailsafe

Hi Martin,

Martin Johnson wrote:
Hi Michele,

I not sure of the timer length being the issue.

I guess I question the usefulness of the reached* callbacks. Maybe its WIP?

10 sec seems reasonable. You get a callback on the reached* functions you
should be catching this I would have thought.

These callbacks are there to notify the client about state changes in the client library. Some clients could ignore them, and some others would like to take full control (for example by handling the queued messages by themselves). The right place to do that stuff is in these reached* methods.

I have a couple of problems. I was trying to set logging on for the for
tracing purposes. I dont have the code in front of me now though. There is a
std::map<const char*, Log> I recall. Shouldnt that be
std::map<string, Log>. On win32 this was not find() ing anything when
searching. It was using pointer comparison (memory address equality via

You'r right. Thanks I will fix this.

There also seems to be some problem with the clean up of the static Global.
The various semaphores etc are invalid shortly after main is left (so it
would seem) and waiters are not woken as such. This just make the Timeout
cleanup go into a tight loop forever.

I am not able to reproduce that error. Could you have a closer look at it ?

I have attempted to see what the semantics where on Linux RH7.3. I have
built everything ok but just get a lexical_cast exception and crash, are you
able to help me.

I'm using gcc 2.96-100 and ddd (gdb). What tools do you use. I reall there
being some 2.96 problems though I recall this was with earlier version of

I have no experience with that compiler but I am using gcc 2.95.3 and Marcel gcc 3.2. Could you see which lexical_cast was failing ?

Are you trusting ddd ? I believe it is not handling threads right.