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[xmlblaster-devel] Transactions

In the next few weeks, I may need to add some transactional
functionality to xmlBlaster so that it integrates correctly with my

I've written an almost-JTA-compiant transaction manager within my
system, which coordinates committing to several resources.  I will need
to add xmlBlaster as a resource, and to do this I will either have to
wrapper it with some kind of fake resource or proxy, or add
transactional semantics to the publish mechanism.  I prefer the latter.

I know this isn't the complete transactional support that xmlb will
eventually have, but I think it's a starting point and something I can
do to get my feet wet.

This would require adding/changing the API's around the publishing of
messages.  Since I'm just now getting started learning these API's,
maybe you guys could start with some suggestions.  I would suggest a
separate interface class which does transactional messaging (both pub
and sub).