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[xmlblaster-devel] lexical_cast boost c++ lib

Hi Michele

Recall my trouble with RH 7.3 and lexical_cast<>

It appears to be still there after your Timestamp changes. Perhaps its a bug
with the stdc++ lib itself. I have a workaround. I suppose that RH 7.3 might
a bit old now so it may not be even worth considering a commit.
So should anyone else comes across this problem consider this fix.



//  boost lexical_cast.hpp
eader  -------------------------------------------//

//  See http://www.boost.org for most recent version including


// what:  lexical_cast custom keyword cast
// who:   contributed by Kevlin Henney, with alternative naming, behaviors
//        and fixes contributed by Dave Abrahams, Daryle Walker and other
//        Boosters on the list
// when:  November 2000
// where: tested with MSVC 6.0, BCC 5.5, and g++ 2.91

#include <sstream>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <util/XmlBCfg.h>

namespace org { namespace xmlBlaster { namespace util {

    class Dll_Export bad_lexical_cast : public std::bad_cast
        // constructors, destructors, and assignment operator defaulted

        // function inlined for brevity and consistency with rest of library
        virtual const char * what() const throw()
            return "bad lexical cast: "
                   "source type value could not be interpreted as target";

    template<typename Target, typename Source>
    Target lexical_cast(Source arg)
//        std::strstream interpreter; // for out-of-the-box g++ 2.95.2
// # else
     //std::stringstream interpreter;
        std::ostringstream so;
// # endif
        Target result;

        if(!(so <<  arg))
          throw bad_lexical_cast();

        std::istringstream si(so.str());
        if(!(si >> result))
          throw bad_lexical_cast();
        if(!(si >> std::ws).eof())
          throw bad_lexical_cast();

        //if(!(interpreter << arg) || !(interpreter >> result) ||
        //   !(interpreter >> std::ws).eof())
        //    throw bad_lexical_cast();

        return result;

// Copyright Kevlin Henney, 2000, 2001, 2002. All rights reserved.
// Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
// purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that this copyright and
// permissions notice appear in all copies and derivatives.
// This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.