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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Newbie - xmlBlaster as ICQ like server?

Łukasz Rzepiński wrote:

Hi Łukasz,

Is it possible to use xmlBlaster as instant messanger server?

Probably, but i don't know about all the requirements for a message server.

We have a little chat demo in
which even talks to you.
We sometimes use it for xmlBlaster developer discussions.

Further we have a graphical chat
which is very cool to make drawings over the internet (e.g. for design
discussions) where many can participate in real time.

Last not least we have a SVG based real time internet chess where
as many as wanted can watch or participate

These are some 'related' xmlBlaster based demos.

If so I have got some newbie (well I have been reading docs for a week
but some tutorials are really needed)

Yep, have have planned to write a tutorial next month (if not other things come inbetween).

I cannot find how to create new user and password from a client that
can be remembered: ICQ like servers API usually has some
Register(login,password) function which causes server to write login,
password file.
I cannot find any function of this type here just in TestSuite
FileUtil was used but is it proper method to create htpasswd files?

the authentication/authorization/acounting (AAA) plugin framework handles users.
We don't have any sophisticated user management backend.
But we have a LDAP plugin, you could install OpenLDAP and
handle all your users there and xmlBlaster check the LDAP server for authentication.
The nice thing with LDAP is that other software can reuse the user informations.

You can extend the LDAP plugin to support creating/deleting users
from a xmlBlaster client, but there are many free graphical tools for this task
in the internet.