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[xmlblaster-devel] Wrong documentation of socket-port property


after changing the used version of xmlBlaster from 0.8.46 to 0.8.48 i've encountered a problem. With the new version it is not possible to perform a connect from a client to the xmlBlaster, when using the SOCKET protocol and a individual port (not 7607). The problem is that the server always listens to port 7607, no matter which port is specified.

The problem is caused by the name of the used property to specify the socket port for the server. In the previous version of xmlblaster it was named "socket.port". In the new version of xmlBlaster it is documented in the CHANGES file and in some examples on "http://xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.socket.html"; that the property must be named "dispatch/connection/plugin/socket/port". This isn't correct, because for the server it has to be named "plugin/socket/port" like it is correctly documented in the xmlBlaster usage-output and in a table at the end of the above mentioned HTML document.

Sincerely yours
 Rainer Müller