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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Does anyone know of any issues with the C SOCKET library?

Dmitriy Kolasnikov wrote:

I can't make the C SOCKET library successfully connect to the xmlBlaster server, and I would be grateful for any light that could be shed on this situation.

Here is the console output from the xmlBlaster server when I attempt to run the demo/c/socket/HelloWorld3.c on Windows 2000.  I compiled the HelloWorld3.c, c-lib, and pthreadVC.dll using VS 6.0 in debug mode.

I am using xmlBlaster v0.84.9.

Hi Dmitriy,

Looking at this output:

[Jul 28, 2003 5:09:24 PM ERROR HandleRequest-/node/xmlBlaster_10_10_10_113_3412] Problems with sending response for '
337 I 11 connect 306
<securityService type='htpasswd' version='1.0'>
<![CDATA[ <user>fritz</user> <passwd>secret</passwd> ]]>
<queue relating='callback' maxEntries='100' maxEntriesCache='100'>
<callback type='SOCKET' sessionId='topSecret'>
to client ->
java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write error

The problem is "socket write error" to ""

Does a

  telnet 1936

work from

I know the C client runs fine on XP, Linux and SUN
so probably it is some routing problem (or is
your multihomed)?

Check 'HelloWorld3 -help' for available options,



PS: Nice to hear that the C client compiles on Win 2000 VC6
did you need to make any modifications?