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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] thank you very much

Hello Pikaiyuan,
I am not sure I understood you right. If the persistent messages where
delivered successfully, then they should have been removed from the
persistent callback queue.

Until version 0.848 the persitence was switched off per default. If you
wanted to enable it you had to explicitly activate it by commenting out
three lines in the xmlBlaster.properties file.

Since 0.849 the have implemented it by default with hsqldb. So if you
have updated to the new version and you already where using persitence
before (probably with postgres or oracle), then you have to make sure
that your configuration file still points to the same DB as before. You
need to do this since the topics- and history queues still might have
entries even if all messages had been delivered.


pikaiyuan wrote:
> Michele
> 	Thank you,and i will carry on my search.
> 	Can you tell me how to deal with the persistent messages which were delivered successfully by server in version 0848? 
> pikaiyuan
> pi_kyuan at cvicse.com
> 2003-08-12

Michele Laghi
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