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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] LOCAL not working?

Michele Laghi wrote:
Hi Peter,
you'r right. The implementation of the native access has not been completed yet.

I have started on it but hadn't time to finish it. There are probably one/two days open for finishing implementation, adding testsuite and docu and a little demo client. If you do it its fine, otherwise one day i will complete it. The native access is to be seen in conjunction with the runlevel manager to load the native client, see http://www.xmlBlaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/engine.runlevel.howto.html



PS: The Euro wasn't introduced in Sweden, so my
Kroner lying around somewhere won't be valueless :-)


Peter Antman wrote:

am I right if I have found that client.protocol.local is not working, or
should it be able to get it to work (yes, I do have access to
engine.Global), but I am getting exceptions on the server callback part
(and looking into the code I get the impression that something is