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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Announce: JMS

I had a first look at it, seems that its some more coding to do ;-)

Some comments and questions though.

1. It seems as if its not written agains JMS 1.1. That would be nicer,
since JMS 1.1 contains a unified API:

ConnectionFactory f = ctx.lookup("TopicFactory");
Destination d = ctx.lookup("my/topic")
Connection c = f.createConnection();
Session s = c.createSession(false,Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
MessageProducer p = s.createProducer(d);
Message m = s.createTextMessage("MyMessage");

2. It would be swell if the different QoS could also be defined in the
looked up components. I have always (and still have) found it hard to
really get a good view of all the configurable properties in the QoS,
but basically I would say this: stuff that is connected to the
destination (queue setting, exact/xpath, mm) should be configured in the
Destination (XBTopic), everything else, that is not part of the JMS API,
should be configurable in Factory.

3. The factory today takes an Global. As far as I know this will not
work in a standard app-server scenarion where you would want to bind the
factory into JNDI, which means it must be Serializable, or the some of
the Reference tricks.

4. How are you planing to implement the Queue destination? If I have
understood XMlBlaster correct, there are no support for that type of
stack based destinations.

5. Any ideas on how the selectors will work, or will will that be a non
standard part, where selectors is substituted with XPath expressions?


On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 20:51, Michele Laghi wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> a first step has been made to make xmlBlaster among other things a *JMS 
> Provider*. The initial code is on org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.jms. The code is 
> far from functional yet, but there is already a very simple working demo 
> with a topic publishing and subscribing on 
> demo/javaclients/j2ee/jms/SimpleJmsDemo.java.
> Many of you have already done quite a lot of work with xmlBlaster in 
> conjunction with jms, so as always:
> comments, ideas, suggestions and *code* are all welcome !
> Michele
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