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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Socket test with thread leak?

Hi Peter,

fact is that on client side the threads grows suddenly
after a time of no thread leak, it happens on you machine
but not on mine.

It seems that the client side Global (one for each
connection) is suddenly not gc'd anymore.
This Global holds the threads which we see in your log output.

I have added the lines

     glob = null;

to your xmlBlaster/testsuite/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/test/memoryleak/TestThreadLeak.java
(in cvs).
It shouldn't be necessary as this cleanup is done
in finalize() as well when the glob is gc'd.

Could you please rerun your tests and report again?



PS: Even if the problem has disappeared in your
environment (what i believe) it is a bit strange
as it would look like a JVM bug.