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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Ldbc]

Michele Laghi wrote:
Peter Bennett wrote:


Fixed the peek bug by seperating the sql into two statements...

I am not sure whether the problem is a feature or bug in ldbc.

This is probably not ideal and I will do some research and maybe write a simple class to test sql against ldbc.


Great I tested it with postgres and the test now completes successfully. I guess we could add a new flag "nestedBracketsSupported" to the configuration.

I then tried to test oracle but found out the jar that you added misses the *adapter.Oracle* class. I downloaded the prepared ldbc.jar from sourceforge and saw that this jar contains the class. Is there a particular reason why you built the jar from scratch or could we just use the official one ?



I had to bug fix the original driver.

The bugs I fixed have now been incorporated into the source so the jar from the site would be OK now.