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[xmlblaster-devel] c sockets

Hi All,

I tried to post earlier today and was rejected and asked to repost, it was
hours and hours ago.

I will try again but forgive me if this turns into a repeat message.

XmlBlaster server has been working pretty much out of the box on both dual
G5 and G4 with OSX 10.3.x.
Which is has really cheered me up ;-)

Though the challenge has come from the fact that these OSX machines are
allowed an outbound connection only, NO Listening.

The C socket protocol performs this function. Perfect.

But now i want to have update() called as well (on the same socket) instead
of get().  Can i do this?

Can i have configure xmlBlaster server somehow to place update() calls to
client on the same outbound only connection made by the client?? The
documentation sort of alludes to it though I can only see get() being used.

I know you have on the TODO list a thread pool. For this are you thinking of
a select() loop calling out to
callbacks to handle reads etc something like a Reactor pattern..

Also I believe there is a small bug with trim() and scanning msgLen sizes.
It works upto 9999 bytes
and then fails.

eg: "      9999" arrives, trim() turns it into "9999  9999", fortunatly
sscanf() breaks on the space.
eg: "     10000" arrives, trim() turns it into "1000010000", unfortunatly
sscanf() does the right thing again.

The max allowed 1000000000, guess what happens.

sscanf() can actually parse the original "      9999" so is trim() really

This was tested on Win32 and OSX.